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Went Home (Woodshed x Estes 0529) x MF 391 (Make It Rain (Miller The Driller x Ceasar) x MF 1-342 (E-Harmony (Exposure x Gone Wild)

2016 Keeper Buck Lamb




Switch (Woodshed x Real Steel) x Maker (Crown Jewels full sister)

Owned with SRV Show Lambs, ID & Junck Club Lambs, IA




Woodshed x Standard (Strange)  x 0530 
(FULL BROTHER to the popular "PUPPET MASTER" Ram owned by Estes, Peterson/Ponce-California)

Pictured as a 2 year old

Owned with Demag Sheep Co. & Junck Club Lambs, IA




Southern Mohican Southern Mohican Southern Mohican

No Mercy x First Blood

Purchased from Harrell Club Lambs
Owned with Harrell Club Lambs



Went Home Went Home

Woodshed x Estes 0529

Purchased from Estes Show Lambs
Owned with Estes Show Lambs



Walks Alone Walks Alone

Bonafide x Winfrey Donor

Purchased from Powercat Club Lambs, KS



Reference Sires

Last Ride Last Ride

Ridin Solo x MF 0-311 (4D Large)

2015 April Keeper Ram
Sold to Sheilds Livestock, IN



4D Rounds 4D Rounds

4D Large x Double Bred Trigger

Raised by Powercat




Standard x 0530
2014 Keeper Ram



Fired Up Fired up Fired Up

Troubadour (Marcantel) x 663 x Demon

Full Brother to Williams' Stud Ram "Grim Reaper"
Pictured as a yearling
Raised and Owned with Morris-Pierson

After seeing the success that Morris-Pierson has had principally with their dominate herd sire "Troubadour" and the success Williams is having with his impressive buck "Grim Reaper", we immediately were impressed and knew we had to get a good dose of those genetics to inject into our herd and add to our buck battery. We particularly needed a ram to cross on our E-Harmony daughters and quite confidently, I think we found him. Fired UP is a proven yearling and presents himself well. Hes wicked topped and dangerously extended thru his front end. Hes powerful enough to make thunder with his expressive muscle shape and bone work and dead level in his hip shape and lusciously deep in his twist. Yet hes as square and smooth in his loin edge as you could possibly build one. When really analyzing this creature, his attractiveness and long bodied statue is purely immeasureable. Most importantly, this guy is carrying some of the most potent and most valuable genetic lines out there with Marcantel, Guywire and Demon all mixed in the pedigree. He is destined to sire the sought after show lambs and the pulse pounding divas everybody is looking for. Be sure to come to the barn up here in South Dakota.....yeah our winters are cold but after seeing his lambs, I confidently guarantee you 'll get FIRED UP!



Make It Rain

Miller The Driller x Ceaser x Cash
Raised by us, Bred By Garret, TX

This guy has just been flat out intriguing since day 1. Standing in the pen he throws out that instant WOW factor. When getting up close and really viewing what this kingpin has to offer is mind-boggling. Hes so shapely balanced and dimensional from every angle. He casts a wide-rippled top and only gets stouter from there. Heres an animal that is so round middled and well formed in his loin edge. And excitingly when studying his back half, its simply authoritative. Hes one stout, mongo-butted, level hipped, wide tracking individual yet whats more impressive is that he maintains that eye appealing look and overall balance that the Garret sheep are reputably known for. And with all of this power, he still ties together smoothly in his front end, presenting a jammed up, shallow chestfloor. Yeah hes got the shag that everybody wants but truthfully, hes actually lethally stout in his bonework. Genetically, hes legendary!! The impressive genetic pool of Miller The Driller on the top side, and the inimitable, cornerstone Ceaser line on the bottom side. With all of these traits, his offspring is bound to MAKE IT RAIN in the showring. BE READY!



PBR x Medicine Man
2010 CORP I crowd pleaser from Langemeier

If you want the mass of a freightliner with a custom touch of style, then look no further. Ridin' SOLO defines the term explosive quite frankly. From his rack to his rear, he is explosively true in his definition of muscle expression and solidified shape. He is current in his design and genuinely stout in his bone work, adding bundles of shag with a big foot. We are eagerly anticipating his 2011 lamb crop. "Ridin' SOLO" with 45 ewes!!



Exposure x Gone Wild x All In
2010 Keeper Buck Lamb

E-Harmony was our keeper buck lamb for this year. We acquired his mother as a bred ewe from Tolle Club Lambs. This rascal provides a batch of first-class ingredients to the herd. With Tremendous width and dimension, this guy’s stoutness ties together a well-balanced package. From the giraffe neck to the barreled rib design, he still sustains that undeniable look and style from the side track. This guy here is the real deal for the offspring of maternal genetics. E-Harmony is matched with 15 ewes.

Thank you to Novak Family Club Lambs of
Wisconsin for purchasing 1/2 Interest!!

Rico x Harms 2000
Purchased from Brian Fairley,SD
Sold to Heim Famiy, SD

This exciting young prospect can best be described as Futuristic. If your lambs have become too small framed, too round muscled, too deep chested and just flat out too plain, you can look to Johnny Cash for real change! Johnny Cash for extreme length of body and height, the ideal body shape, a perfectly elevated chest floor that maintains itself on the move, a full, crisp hip-loin juncture, a  long loose, true muscle pattern that will grow and continue to get better as  the show season progresses, more rack shape and Bone! The kind of Bone that every progressive club lamb flock desires but is nearly impossible to find in this flawless of a package.



Haywire Haywire Haywire

4-D Large x Guywire
Owned with Langemeier & Went




Dog x Hummer
Purchased from Hindman Show Lambs, IA.
Owned with Brian Fairley, SD
Full brother to Hindmans popular Kitty ram



Composure x Trademark


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